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  • The Applicant shall present all information and documentation requested by ICS to establish the status of the Management System.
  • The applicant agrees to inform ICS of any changes which may occur in the organization, scope, system, associated products & activities immediately.
  • ICS will inform the Applicant of the observed deficiencies if any against the requirements of registration. Applicant shall take necessary corrective action in order to meet compliance with the relevant requirements.
  • The Applicant shall evidence the effectiveness of corrective action within the specified time limit. ICS will re-audit relevant clauses only of the quality system under question to verify the compliance. The re-audit fees will be charged additional on the prevailing manday rate, basis and reimbursement of expenses towards travel & subsistence.
  • Whenever the applicant fails to take the effective corrective action with in the specified time limit, ICS may conduct a full audit of the entire Management System. The re-audit fees will be charged additional as per the prevailing manday rate for the audit days and reporting including reimbursement of expenses towards travel & subsistence.
  • ICS will issue certificate of compliance covering the activities and location(s), which were verified during the audit. The Applicant shall not claim or otherwise apply the certificate for other locations or activities not covered specifically by the issued certificate.


  • I/We have read and undertake to observe the general terms & conditions for obtaining and retaining registration. I/We also understand that we shall abide by the amendment of above rules that may be alter from time to time.
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